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Sports Medicine & Outreach Department

The primary goal of the Front Range Orthopaedics sports medicine department is to return athletes to their previous level of activity as quickly, safely, and cost effectively as possible utilizing both tried and true and state-of-the-art techniques.

By following a comprehensive and collaborative approach which involves surgeons, trainers, therapists, and other specialists, we can insure the continuity of care that guarantees the appropriate management of and best possible outcome from, sports injuries.

Our physicians are sub-specialty fellowship trained in sports medicine and work closely with our also well-trained and committed certified athletic trainers.

Together they offer a complementary and keen knowledge of, and years of clinical experience in, helping those suffering from both acute and chronic over-use injuries.

They work with professional, school, amateur, non-profit, and weekend warrior athletes alike; and because they are athletes themselves, including a professional skier and an All American Football Champion, they appreciate how debilitating injuries such as back, ankle, arm, or knee injuries can be to those at all athletic levels.

They always utilize the most conservative approach possible through the process of repair, rebuild, and rehab and strive to help patients manage and prevent future injuries through exercise, education, and training.

For more information on sports medicine topics check out Front Range Orthopaedics Patient Education.

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