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Total Joint Replacement

Front Range Orthopedics Total Joint Department provides progressive solutions to relieve pain and restore motion to knees, hips, shoulders and other joints damaged by orthopaedic problems including congenital and arthritic deformities; trauma induced injuries, and aging.

Improving the patient’s quality of life, activity, and level of independence is always the ultimate goal at Front Range Orthopaedics.

Patient involvement, education, and unparalleled support begins the moment joint care or replacement is first considered and continues throughout the surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation process.

Our physicians offer a variety of treatment and rehabilitation options, from physical therapy to complex surgery such as shoulder joint replacement, and they consider every alternative before suggesting surgery, and always take into account an individual’s needs and lifestyle to determine the most suitable course of action for that patient.

Our physicians are trained in arthroscopy, resurfacing, full and partial hip replacement surgery, knee reconstruction, as well as similar surgeries for the shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers.

Each year brings better techniques and equipment to this area of orthopaedic medicine thereby allowing our total joint specialists to perform an increasing variety of procedures on joints needing replacement. In the process they’re continually helping to improve the quality of life for those they treat.

JRIC – Leaders in Joint Replacement Care

Included within our office is the Joint Replacement Institute of Colorado (JRIC). Our JRIC physicians are specifically fellowship trained and among the most highly skilled in the treatment, education and rehabilitation of joint replacement in the world and are located right here in Colorado Springs.

For more information on joint conditions and joint replacement treatment options and surgeries check out Front Range Orthopaedics Patient Education.