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“For the past year, the pain in my left hand was so severe that I had difficulty making a fist, turning a door knob, taking a lid off of a jar or even holding on to the steering wheel while driving period of time.

I was concerned that I might have arthritis, and the pain was also starting to happen in my right hand. I went to my doctor who prescribed a pain medication for the symptoms. When, I got home and read the possible side effects, I decided the relief was not worth the risks that accompanied the medication, and would continue to live with the condition.

When my daughter heard about my decision to continue living with decreased abilities, she made an appointment with Dr. Pak for me. His immediately saw that I was suffering from trigger finger, and that it was easily treatable. He gave me a cortisone shot in each hand, and I experienced immediate relief and have not had any pain or limited functionality since.

I am grateful that Dr Pak was able to quickly diagnosis and relieve my condition, without surgery or a lifetime of medications. The quliaty of my life has already improved so much.”

Again, thanks so much, Lane Mills

Dear Dr Pak and staff at Front Range Orthopaedics,

“Over the past several years, I have had three surgeries with Dr. Pak. A tibia realignment, and both rotator cuffs have all kept me in regular contact with your office. In my many visits to Front Range Orthopaedics, I have found the staff to always be professional, friendly, and courteous.

As an agent at a law enforcement agency, I stay very active and am involved in a great deal of physical training that requires me to move quickly with no pain. My latest injury occurred while I was at a specialized agent training – I fell and injured my right rotator cuff. I immediately called Rod, the Athletic Trainer at Dr. Pak’s office. Rod has been an immense asset to me as well as many of the agents who have sustained an injury. When one of us is injured, he immediately talks with us over the phone and assesses the injury to determine if immediate medical attention is required, or if it can wait. He is very accommodating and knowledgeable and I like that he provides rehabilitation right in the office.

My colleagues and I have been pleased that Dr. Pak takes a conservative approach to surgery. He prescribes ways to care for and heal injuries when there are alternatives to surgery, and recommends surgery only when absolutely necessary. I was very impressed to hear that when a friend’s daughter had unusual complications, Dr. Pak sought additional opinions to ensure the patient had the best possible care!

Through talking with others, I’ve learned that Front Range Orthopaedics has a great reputation in the community, and is widely respected for their clinical knowledge and their surgical outcomes. I’ve been so pleased with the quality of care and the excellent service I’ve received, that I’ve brought several family members in as well. Dr. Pak has always been very understanding and sympathetic, and showed real concern not only for me, but for my wife and children as well.

Dr. Pak, your skill and talent as a surgeon are well respected, and I appreciate all you have done to help me. Additionally, your compassion and willingness to take the time to explain the procedures and answer my questions helped prepare me for surgery and recovery.”

Thank you for providing me with excellent care along with friendly service! – Bob Moen

Testimonial1“Our experience with Front Range Orthopedics has been amazing. When we moved here in 2000, we were referred to Dr. Tom McCarthy. This was the start of not only a professional relationship with Dr. McCarthy but he has also become a dear friend.

We find Dr. McCarthy compassionate, kind and understanding. This feeling is also evident in his office staff. His Medical Assistant, Joyce, is always there when we need assistance. We have referred family and friends to Dr. McCarthy and each one has felt as we do.

Tom had double knee replacement by Dr. McCarthy. During his recovery Dr. McCarthy was concerned and kept in contact with Tom. This caring helped Tom’s recovery. When I broke both bones in my right leg and needed surgery, Dr. McCarthy referred me to one of his partners, Dr. Ed. Throughout my long recovery and 4 surgeries, Dr. McCarthy consulted with Dr Ed which was very reassuring to me. I was so blessed to be cared for my these two most dedicated and competent physicians.

The entire staff at FRO, the receptionists, office greeter, schedulers, business office, x-ray department, are professional and make us feel welcome and important.”

“For over three years I had been suffering with pain in both of my knees. I had tried the usual shots and medication to alleviate the discomfort but nothing seemed to work for more than a couple of months. At only 70 years of age, I’d been trying to look forward to my retirement years, but my knee situation coupled with a family history of chronic knee problems was making my future look bleak, at best. My mom suffered terribly from chronic knee pain and in the final years of her life was not able to walk at all. My two brothers appeared to be following down the same path. I refused to accept their disability as my fate.

I spoke with Dr. Ron Royce and a number of my friends that had undergone knee surgeries about my concerns. I concluded that total knee replacement was the only acceptable solution to a situation that for me was getting progressively worse. On August 19, 2008 I had bilateral (both knees at the same time) total knee replacement performed by Dr. Royce. Today, seven months later, I am able to walk with hardly any discomfort or pain. Dr. Royce’s skill and compassion as a surgeon has given me a new lease on life. I would advise anyone who is suffering with chronic knee pain to seriously consider knee replacement surgery at Front Range Orthopaedics.”

Stan Sack, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Klian_Testimonial“The arthritis in my shoulders bothered me for many years before I sought treatment. When I lived in San Diego, my orthopaedic surgeon removed the calcium buildup from the front of both of my shoulders. However, I found very little improvement in my pain levels.

I moved to Colorado Springs in 2002 and saw another orthopaedic surgeon who told, “It’s a thing of getting old.” At this point, I couldn’t lift anything with my right arm, and I didn’t have control of right shoulder at all. If I picked up something as light as a jar of mayonnaise, I would drop it. I was also in extreme pain, and couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life like that.

Since I had gone through surgery before that didn’t really reduce my pain, I was skeptical to try it again. I also have friends who had at least two surgeries each to reduce the pain, and I really didn’t want to go through that. I was living in severe pain, and took a lot of pain relievers that didn’t help much.

I finally decided to meet with one more orthopaedic surgeon to see if I had any options. I was deeply impressed with Dr. Pak from the moment I met him. He took the time to explain my condition, answer all my questions, and prepare me for the surgery and recovery.

I had a reverse replacement on my right shoulder on March 13, 2008. I was thrilled that just as Dr. Pak said, one surgery would be all that I would need. I am so glad that I trusted Dr. Pak, and had the surgery. I can exercise my right shoulder and it feels excellent! The quality of my life has improved tremendously, and I can do things I enjoy again. I also have more self confidence, and can move forward with my life. I also don’t have to take pills for pain anymore.

Thank you, Dr. Pak, for giving me my life back!”

Richard Klain, Reverse Shoulder Replacement

“The arthritis in my shoulders bothered me for many years before I sought treatment. When I lived in San Diego, my orthopaedic surgeon removed the calcium buildup from the front of both of my shoulders. However, I found very little improvement in my pain levels.

Thank you for your incredible help with my shoulder. I am amazed at the increase in flexibility and range of motion and decrease in pain, all without surgery. I no longer wake up at night in pain and can actually sleep on the side of my body that had been so uncomfortable. I can move my arm and shoulder now, and am excited to resume my exercise program and active lifestyle.

I live in another city and had been having severe shoulder pain for six months, and actually lost mobility of the shoulder and arm for the past four months. After several doctor visits, x-rays and eight weeks of physical therapy, I had even less movement and more pain. Last month, I had an MRI and received a cortisone shot and was told to wait and see for yet another month before another treatment plan was developed, which meant almost six months with no improvement.

Then while on a visit to Colorado Springs, my family encouraged me to see Dr. Pak, and I am so grateful I did! After six months of frustration it took one visit with Dr. Pak, his diagnosis of adhesive capsilitus, a cortisone shot in the proper place, and three sessions of therapy with Rod to get my shoulder well on the way to healing. I am truly amazed at how quickly my shoulder responded to this very conservative, non-evasive treatment. Everything has changed in my life for the positive! I expect to be fully recovered in a short time thanks to your diagnosis and help. With your direction, I know what I need in therapy and can continue with the recovery process back at home. Again, thank you.”

Sylvia Mills

“Two auto accidents within 13 months of each other changed my life for the worse. I spent 5 years suffering from horrible headaches, neck pain & muscle spasms on a daily basis. The activities I enjoyed such as gardening, scrapbooking, short drives were no longer tolerable. I tried physical therapy, trigger points, deep tissue massages, rhizotomy (every 6 months). Everything was only temporary. I was told by several providers and surgeons I had severe whiplash and surgery wasn’t an option. They felt nothing could be done to improve or lessen my problems.

I met with Dr. Santman in November 2010, at which time he suggested I have a diagnostic test done to determine if I was a candidate for a cervical fusion. If the results were positive he felt that surgery could give me at least a 50% improvement. That sounded great to me, I felt 20% would be better than nothing. The diagnostic test results came back in my favor for surgery. I had a cervical fusion done by Dr. Santman in January 2011. I am thrilled to say that my symptoms improved 90%. For example, I experienced painful headaches at least 5 days a week. Since my surgery I have gone weeks without a headache. I still experience some soreness from time to time, yet it doesn’t stop me from enjoying my old activities along with some new ones. Thank you!”

Tammy Rocco